As I sit here and reflect back on a very stressful personal situation that happened to me last week I realize just how hard it is to “practice what I preach.”  I am constantly telling my patients and clients that they need to take care of themselves, think of themselves first, to relax, to be calm, stay hydrated, eat well and the list goes on and on.  But how does that hold up in a stressful situation and especially one that lasts for days?

We will just call it my “situation” which involved myself and my family.  We were wronged and taken advantage of.  🙁

Let me also tell you that I am the person that says “I am sorry” to a person that bumps ME in a hallway.  I usually get out of the way of someone rude in a store and say “oops excuse me.”  I tend to allow people to take advantage of me and I usually just let it slide.


This time I tried a few new tactics that I have been teaching my clients.


I can not tell you that I did this with grace and perfection.  It was quite the opposite actually.  I stumbled through some things like a toddler taking their first steps.  Not to mention going through periods of anger, sadness, loss of focus, lots of frustration and maybe even a little rage!

And how about the embarrassing truth about the Tooth Fairy  forgetting to show up at our house one night last week, or I mean the Tooth Fairy was too scared because my sons’ hand was too close to his tooth, yeah that was it.  She did arrive safely the next night, in case you were wondering!

As I was feeling tired, worn out and not eating very much and when I did eat my digestion just wasn’t working the way it should have been,  I started to realize I really needed to be walking the talk.  This is EXACTLY why I teach my clients some of these strategies.

I needed to do what I tell my patients and clients.   I needed more SELF CARE!




Believe in Yourself
Stick up for Yourself
Love Yourself
Be Grateful
Breathe Well
Hydrate Yourself
Nourish Yourself



Love Yourself  You are Worth itRemember my “situation”, we were wronged and taken advantage of.  And this would have affected my children and caused them a lot of stress.  I was able to keep it from them.  They knew Mom wasn’t herself but at least they didn’t know why.

So, I actually did something I usually don’t do.


I actually stuck up for myself and my family.  In doing so, I did not really make any friends.

And I’m quite sure we lost “friends” and maybe even made some enemies, but that is something I have to take a look at in my own life.

Were they really friends to begin with?  If they are talking poorly about myself and my family why would I want them in my life anyway.  Something I talk about to my patients and clients,

get rid of what does not serve you.  Hmmmmmm

 So, could it be true that making enemies could be good for your health?!?!


I have always been so worried about what everyone else thinks of me.  Since I started a business I am even more worried of what people think of me, my actions, thoughts, words, decisions, etc.


But I had it all wrong.


There is only ONE person that you should truly care about what they think of you.


 That person is YOU!


You have to love yourself and when that happens everything else will fall into place.  The universe works for us.  It has our back!

In order to stick up for myself I had to first believe in myself.  I had to know what I was doing was right from the bottom of my heart.  I then had to be proud of myself and what I stand for.


After sticking up for myself and my family, I still feel uneasy but it has brought me to a new place.  A place closer to loving myself fully and deeply for who I am and where I am at in my life right now.


I also did some gratitud1385529_10201964686660785_1515379422_ne exercises.  Every single time I felt my mind wondering to a negative place or a negative thought I would say something I was grateful for.  Sometimes I just thought about these things and other times I actually said them out loud!  As I drove past the front of the lake as I do every single day, I said “I am so grateful to have this “situation”, “I am so grateful that this “situation” is making me grow stronger.”   I said different grateful things every time and often.  I have to admit sometimes I don’t think I even believed what I was saying.

But I was doing it,

I was practicing gratitude.

I truly believe that this will improve with thoughtful practice.  I did not complete this with any perfection at all and it still worked for me!


Often times during stressful moments we forget to breathe.  Literally!  Have you ever noticed that?

Next time you have a slightly stressful situation really be mindful of your breathing!  Is it regular, is it shallow, are you taking less breaths?

I was not breathing properly and I was able to stop myself and say, Nicki, you need to breathe!  I didn’t do anything fancy, I just took nice, slow, long breaths.


Get that old stale air out and bring in fresh new air!  You need it!


As hard as it was to focus on my nutrition and hydration I was able to maintain some balance through out my daysJust breathe your life depends on it.  Thanks to my love of smoothies!

I was not very hungry through these times which makes complete sense as my Sympathetic nervous system was working on overdrive (think fright and flight) and my parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for healing, resting, digestion to name a few) was not balanced and kicking in like it should have been.

I did not eat hard to digest meals or poorly combined meals during this time of stress.

I kept things very simple.

I tried to maintain proper hydration.  It wasn’t easy and that is why I decided to write this all down.  It was actually VERY difficult for me.  I want you to know that you are not alone but more importantly that there are a few simple things you can do during stressful events to help keep your body happy and harmonious!


Can you remember a “situation” that you have had recently and were you able to practice self care?  Were you able to love yourself?  Were you able to stay grateful?


Please join our conversation as we grow stronger together rather than alone!  Let us know what you did or should have done during a stressful time in your life.


Are you afraid to make enemies in your life?  If so, why?


Can’t wait to hear from you,

Nicole Bio Pic Circle




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