Breast Cancer Awareness MonthBreast cancer is on every woman’s mind during the month of October. Everyone will be sporting their pink accessories, pink ribbons, and even highlighting their hair pink to raise the awareness of breast cancer. But for the people who have been personally effected by a breast cancer diagnosis, the awareness of this disease is on your mind more frequently than the official month of awareness.

As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor I am one such person. I may not have been blessed with the breasts that I dream of in the ladies fitting room, but I have come to love them anyway; I would like to keep them healthy. I was, however, blessed with a great mom, two fun sisters and a lovely daughter. We are reminded by our doctors we are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer,and that can be scary, but this is not our destiny. There are ways to prevent and reduce our risk of developing breast cancer.

I’m a girl who has always believed that everything happens for a reason, but along with this I also believe that everything was created for a reason. Although we may not always be able to comprehend these reasons. I have recently learned through my studies in nutrition there is a super-food that has a directly connection with reducing the risk of breast cancer! The mighty, but humble mushroom! Though I have been reminded repeatedly of my breast cancer risk and to keep up with my mammograms and self-breast exams, this little gold nugget of knowledge has never been shared with me before.DSC_0045

According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman (author of the book Super Immunity), mushrooms actually have antigen-binding lectins (ABL) that bind only to abnormal cells, like cancer, and call your body into action against the marked cell.

The picture in my head of these ABLs acting much like the bees that go out ahead of the killer bees to mark their target for destruction. That’s awesome; MY BODY can do that and mushrooms can help. Perhaps that is what they were created for. In Dr. Fuhrman’s lecture he states that the regular intake of mushrooms can decrease the risk of breast cancer by a whopping 64%!

Mushrooms have also been shown to be helpful in preventing our bodies from making too much estrogen (which is a real problem in relation to some forms of breast cancer).

So this year along with your pink accessories and ribbons, pick up some mushrooms from the grocery store and start incorporating them into your diet. These little fungi are a real treasure to your overall health and immunity!

I know, I know, some of you are not crazy about the mushrooms appearance, taste, or texture. The health coach part of me suggest chopping them up into small pieces and mixing them into your dishes, and do some experimenting with some new recipes. Do a quick google search, you might be surprised at how well you and mushrooms can get along if you give them a chance. A small amount of mushroom on a regular basis is all it takes.

The mom, daughter, and sister in me just says- “Eat your mushrooms, they’re good for you!”

Just Eat Them!!

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