I’m sharing my LOVE of this funny looking tasty little root. The aroma is delightful! Just from the act of peeling it I instantly feel relaxed and energized at the same time.

I usually peel all my ginger at once and keep it nicely wrapped in the freezer. You will find that it grates so much easier this way and last so much longer (I’m a saver not a spender).

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Beat the water Blah feeling.

I like to put ginger in my smoothies, in a veggie dish, or in a carrot ferment, but I find my most favorite way to use ginger is by cutting off a few slices and tossing it into my water. If I want a stronger ginger flavor I will steep some in a cup of water and mix into my cold water.   This is so refreshing, and just the thing for when water seems a little boring. And it’s super simple! I don’t like to waste money on store bought flavored waters that often have other nasty ingredients snuck in there.

I don’t think I was fully paying attention, but when I was a little girl I remember my grandmother telling me that when she was a girl and she would be working outside with her family on very hot summer days, her mama would prepare ginger water for everyone.  I now find this so fascinating an interesting. What did this generation intuitively know about the benefits of ginger? Did they know that ginger is an anti-inflammatory spice that is not only tasty, and refreshing, but it may have actually helped them with the aches and pains that can occur after working hard in the hot sun.  Oh, the things I may have learned if I had been paying attention.

According to herbwisdom.com  the benefits of using ginger include:

Treating nausea, motion sickness, and general tummy trouble.

It can be used to help comfort the symptoms experienced with colds.

Offer support in the lowering of blood cholesterol and blood pressure

Help with arthritis pain and other inflammatory issues.

AND  GET  THIS—some research is saying that ginger may suppress the growth of some tumors!

Don’t just sit there-

Go get yourself some ginger and a glass of water right now. And if you are still lucky enough have grandparent give them a call! If not take a minute to  cherish the tid-bits of information you got from them when you were only half listening.

In what ways do you use ginger? What is your favorite?

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