With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I thought it would be fitting to share some information that I use in my counseling of individuals related to their love lives.

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Couples who seem to be the happiest are the ones who spend time together, actually being together and interacting together.


 Tis the season for love

It is not enough just to be in the same room.  Interaction is key. I read somewhere in my studies that quality time together, at least 5 hours per week, talking and interacting, really does a ton to improve relationships.



Below are my 6 tips on how to cultivate positive interactions with your loved ones, daily:

  • Show appreciation for the big and small things

  • Appreciation big & small loveCompliment each other

  • Force yourself to think about your loved ones positive qualities, even in the heat of the moment.

  • Do something nice for your loved one, just because. This will not only help your loved one to feel good, but it will also help you to feel good.

  • Don’t forget the value of compliments. They go a long way!

  • Relive the positive memories you have had together.



Remember, all couples fight. It would not be a healthy relationship if you didn’t. However, how you fight does matter. Couples who are happier in their relationship tend to get angry, take space and come back to the problem to talk things through, once calm. They are more willing to compromise and express affection and humor, during and after a fight. They are less likely to engage in name calling, negative body language (like eye rolling, or turning away from one another). They are also less likely to criticize and ignore one another.



Loving others comes easier when we have already found a way to love ourselves. One way to increase the amount of love we direct towards ourselves is to engage in a Loving Kindness Meditation, daily.


Take Action Now:Love Yourself  You are Worth it


DO THIS:  Sit quietly while mentally repeating the following phrase: “May I be happy.  May I be well. May I be safe. May I be peaceful”, while holding an image of yourself in your mind. Allow yourself to feel the words and intention you are creating.




We here at Elite Health and Wellness hope this leaves you with a few tips to add more Love in your life!

We wish you lots of love this year and beyond!  


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