Alleviate the not so fun before, during and after pregnancy symptoms with Bowenwork!

Nicole Pregnancy pictures

Photo Credit: Nicole, Owen, Aidan and Baby Ella – Photo Taken By: Photo’s By Vanka


Pregnancy is a miraculous and constantly changing event in a women’s life.  Some women breeze through all 9 months with a glowing complexion and a cute belly bump.  Others… not so much.  You know who you are.


Symptoms range from skin issues, heart burn, back pain to emotions that go up and down like riding a roller coaster.  The list goes on and on and is completely different for all.


I actually began my career and life changing Bowenwork journey a short few months after a terrible loss.  I believe it was emotionally driven when I decided to pursue my studies with Bowenwork but I didn’t realize I would benefit physically as well.  (I was learning a way to help others, not me)

After my first course I felt great.  When we learn the work we get to receive the practice moves from the other students.  I left with less aches and pains but also with increased energy.  I didn’t realize how much it did for me until I was pregnant for my daughter.

If I can back up a bit, I thought I was physically and mentally ready for trying to have another baby the month before my first Bowenwork class.  I timed everything perfectly as I had for all of my other pregnancies (I never had any issues getting pregnant in the past) but it just didn’t happen.  I now truly believe my body was holding onto something because after my first Bowenwork class I came home and had the worst period ever.  I had several emotional releases as well.  I didn’t realize that it was a good thing until after I successfully got pregnant the next month with our little princess.

(and just a little side note:  Another classmate of mine had a very similar situation and got pregnant almost at the same exact time as I did!—- coincidence—-  I don’t think so!)


I continued through my entire coursework to become a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner during my entire pregnancy.  In fact I took my test in the middle of January and I gave birth the next month!

I felt really great during the entire pregnancy and my daughter had a very uneventful, normal delivery.  We call her my Bowen Baby!


Photo Credit: My Little Bowen Baby Ella – Photo taken by Her Grandma— Photo’s By Vanka


This may be the reason I am very comfortable working with my pregnant patients.  I have been there, done that and it worked!


I actually see patients before, during and after their pregnancies.  I can honestly say I have helped women balance and reset their bodies so they were able to conceive!  (pssst… we have a Conception protocol and it worked!)


Megan and Lauren Barrette

Photo Credit: Megan and Lauren Barrette

 “Before trying Bowen therapy, I was having difficulty ovulating and had very irregular menstral cycles. It was not unusual for me to only have a couple periods per year. My husband and I wanted to have a baby. Obviously it was difficult getting pregnant when there is a lack of ovulation. We tried a lot of traditional medicine including six rounds of a medication to help me ovulate. It was unsuccessful each time. I was very discouraged and decided to take a break from “trying” and just see what happened. I knew I needed to relax and focus on my overall health.

My mother suggested I go see Nicole for some Bowenwork. I will admit I was a bit skeptical! I tried it anyway figuring it couldn’t make it worse! Well, I started my period after only 2 Bowen sessions! I was thrilled! Nicole and I decided to just focus on regulating my cycles. It was working! I began to see Nicole in the middle of April 2013. After trying to get pregnant for 16 months on my own with traditional medicine and after only about 3 months of Bowen work, we found out I was pregnant in July 2013! We were so happy! I honestly believe Bowen therapy is what helped my body ovulate. It helped in so many ways! I felt better physically and emotionally. I had never been a true “holistic healing” believer but now I can say it honestly changed my life.

I continued to receive Bowen therapy throughout my entire pregnancy. It really helped with all the aches and pains that came with pregnancy. It also helped me relax and prepare my body for labor and delivery. I still have Bowen therapy weekly to help my body heal after childbirth and maintain balance. We actually have Bowen therapy done on our baby girl. I really believe that it helps her sleep better and decrease her fussy times. She is a great baby because she is a Bowen Baby!

We cannot thank Nicole and Elite Health and Wellness enough for all they have done for us. She helped give me my miracle. She is so kind and passionate about what she does. She truly believes in the work she does and that makes me believe in her work! I would recommend Bowen therapy to anyone and everyone! ~Megan Barrette


I continue to work on my pregnant ladies all during their pregnancy.  I treat them the same as any patient with regards to assessing their symptoms and then choosing the appropriate procedure or procedures that would benefit them the most.  The difference is when they are not able to lie either prone (on their belly) or supine (on their back).  I have a preggo pillow that I use that allows room for their growing belly and I also have plenty of pillows in many different sizes for positioning.  Later in their pregnancy I have successfully used a zero gravity chair.  I simply make my moves around whatever position is most comfortable for them.


Photo Credit: Bowen Baby Ella – Happy again! Photo Taken by Photo’s By Vanka




I have to tell you that I actually see an amazing Mom-To-Be right now who is still running!







And when I say running I mean running in races!  She is phenomenal.  She gave me permission to share a little so I have to tell you that she has seen me prior to conception.  I believe her choice to receive Bowenwork may have assisted her pregnancy so that her body could become balanced and in greater harmony before creating another little human.  She had a rough start to her pregnancy with some sickness but she has done so well that now she continues to run!


Jordan Cota Running

Photo Credit: Jordan Cota running with Baby Cota


“I initially came to Elite Health and Wellness looking for relief from knee pain when running… I’ve gotten so much more. Better than regular physical therapy, stretching, icing, and all those routines runners are used to, Bowen is something else altogether. The next day I feel a difference in my run, and thankfully, as I’m one of those impatient, why isn’t it better, kind of people. Nicole has also helped me with the many aches and pains of pregnancy. The day I knew there was something truly going on in my body was when a move was done at the base of my skull; Nicole worked her magic, she left the room, and there was still a strong feeling that her hands were holding that spot. I kept telling myself, ‘no, she isn’t in here’, but my body kept saying, ‘work is still going on!!!’ I wish I could explain it all better, but I can tell you I’m hooked and my body truly benefits from every visit”. ~Jordan Cota


Photo Credit: Jordan Cota (Happy Mama-To-Be)


Besides the obvious physical symptom relief, Bowenwork may help alleviate morning sickness or even the emotional roller coaster we spoke about earlier.


Most often my Mommy’s-To-Be need support around their lower back and pelvis.  As they gain that inevitable baby weight I like to also support the lower extremities, knees and ankles which are very important for maintaining stability and balance and overall physical health while everything inside changes!  Something I never really thought of before until I experienced it was supporting the thoracic spine as the breasts grow and enlarge.  The body isn’t used to supporting all the weight on the front of the body.  As a therapist it is crucial that we support the posterior musculature to support the change in center of balance and the stretching and growing tissues.


Photo Credit: Bowen Baby Ella – Photo taken by Photo’s By Vanka



Once that cute little bundle arrives there is absolutely no reason to stop receiving Bowenwork.  I continue to encourage Moms to come in for treatment and… a lovely bonus is that I get to see the beautiful Bowen baby!




And we can not forget to talk about Baby Bowen.  Bowenwork is gentle yet effective enough to support itty bitty babies!  I think that might deserve it’s own blog post!  Stay Tuned!


Photo Credit: Amanda and Talin Giroux — Talin came for several weeks of Baby Bowen. Photo Taken By: Photo’s By Vanka



So often my new Mama’s will come for their own treatment, bring Grandma to watch the baby in the waiting room and I will sneak in a baby Bowen session on the baby too!





I am very passionate about treating Mom’s and Moms-To-Be and their little ones.  What an incredibly sacrifice.  Why not feel good!  Mom’s are always doing so much for everyone else.

It’s time to take a moment to provide yourself with some self care!


Find a Bowenwork practitioner near you.  If you are local to me… I would love to see you or if you know a Mama in need send her my way!


Cheers Mama’s

I {Heart} You,

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Nicole Tatro, MSPT, PBP, AI, INHC

Physical Therapist & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Professional Bowenwork Practitioner & Instructor

Elite Health and Wellness

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