The Message in the Foot Path in the Snow

There was freshly fallen snow this morning on the ground. At the bus stop I watched two tween girls (my daughter and her friend) smile and chat. Like a silent movie I could see the picture, but the conversation was left to my imagination.

I have always thought that children have the ability to teach us so many lessons about life, if we would only take the time to observe and listen to them.  I just happen to love these two girls so watching and listening to them is my great pleasure, (on most days) but today the actions of this young lady spoke volumes to me  that I feel share worthy.

The children on my street take two different buses to two different schools depending on their grade. The girl’s older siblings had been in this very place several minutes before. The foot prints left behind in the snow were there to prove it. My daughter swiftly made her way up the steps of the bus (no doubt trying to make it to the very back and very best seat where the frost heaves can offer an entertainingly large bump this time of year).  Her friend on the other hand was taking her time. She slowly and carefully made her way to the steps of the bus. Her growing legs were reaching and stretching farther than was natural for her so that she could step directly into the very footsteps her sister had made earlier.

Photo credit: Smashcut / Foter / CC BY-NC

Photo credit: Smashcut / Foter / CC BY-NC

This small and playful action spoke volumes to me and served as a  great reminder; perhaps it will be for you also.

We all touch other peoples lives in different ways. There are people in our lives who are looking to us for guidance; you may know and love them, or you may not know them at all. Whether you know them or not the fact still remains they are watching, and they might be trying to follow in your footsteps.

The older sister didn’t get to see it, but I did… The three footpaths of four children.

I’m no angel. I make plenty of mistakes,  but for me, today (and I hope for you too) I am going to be a little more conscious than I was yesterday that the choices I make have a bigger impact than I might imagine. I may be little, but I can leave a big mark on this world.  I am more aware all thanks to the young lady taking the careful steps this morning. I plan to take some careful steps too.

Here are a few small things I can think of right now.


signs from pixabay edited choices

  • choose an apple instead of packaged food
  • read a book instead of watching t.v.
  • smile at a stranger
  • offer to help someone
  • Thank someone for their help
  • put your phone down and talk face to face
  • dance in the kitchen
  • Don’t talk negatively about yourself or someone else
  • make a mess, and be ok with it
  • forgive instead of resent
  • Rejoice instead of complain
  • Give a warm hug to someone you love

I would love to hear from you and have you add to this list- for the days when I am less aware of the impact one person can have on many….


Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts and ideas with me.


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