I have never been a runner, or an athlete of any kind for that matter. I have wondered on several occasions, “why would anyone enjoy running?” I know there are so many people who find themselves craving for a run, but that has never been my experience.

My husband, however, recently started to run for his enjoyment. I love being active, but I was once again asking myself why anyone would choose this activity. I decided to join him on his outings. I have always wanted to want to run, and I will do just about anything to encourage the ones I love to stay happy and healthy. I was not expecting that I would be asked to assist in coaching cross country for the elementary students of Highgate by my happy, enthusiastic, and wonderful neighbor, “Liza, the Librarian.” My first thought was “doesn’t she know I don’t really love to run?” Within seconds though I was thinking about the kids in my town whom I am quite fond of (one of them being mine).

Cross Country RunI may not love to run, but I can do it, and I do love those kids. I do love to see the look of pride and confidence when people make a goal and when they reach it. I wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance to be there for those moments. So Surprise! I guess I am a runner. I have been running every other day. It is still very challenging for me, but I am getting better, and I am getting stronger. I am setting goals and reaching them. I have even signed up for a couple of fun 5k runs this year- and I am silently planning to take on the challenge of a Spartan Race next year.

So I have to thank my husband, Marky; my dear neighbor, Liza; and the cross country kids of Highgate. It is because of you all that I am a little stronger and a little healthier this year.

Combining something you love and feel passionate about with something that is very challenging for you is a good way to reach your goals.

I would love to hear from you! What is one challenging thing you have accomplished or plan to accomplish by combining it with something you feel passionate about?  

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