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How to lose 5-10 pounds, gain energy and love your self without pills, nasty drinks or deprivation


(The 16 reasons you need a detox this fall)


How to improve your immune system and your overall health (no matter what is happening in the world ) by adding a DETOX in your life.

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In this masterclass event,  you will learn:




16 reasons why you should detox your body naturally  - The key to stop wanting to be healthy and start BEING healthy


What is detox anyway - Learn what a safe and natural detox actually is without pills, potions or nasty drinks


My secret (simple) detox strategies for the fall - Detox is easier than you think


How to get big results from just ONE detox each season - Getting rid of what does not serve us each season will really improve our health



The single most effective way to get healthy in 2020 - This year has really made us think about how important our health is for EVERYTHING

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If ANY of the following sound familiar, you can’t afford to miss this masterclass event…

You're tired of feeling sluggish and holding onto those extra pounds no matter what you try

2020 has opened your eyes to how important it is to put your own health as a priority

You want to feel and look better so you can actually enjoy your life, life is way too short

If the idea of detox just scares you and makes you cringe BUT the idea of doing something safe, natural and effective to jump start your healthy lifestyle gives you hope - this free masterclass event is your ticket to gaining confidence and living your best life full of joy and happiness!


Oh and did I mention you will receive a special gift just for signing up?


10 tips to reset your gut: learn how to take back control of one of the most important aspects of getting healthy… your gut health


And…when you show up to the masterclass event I will give you another bonus!


7 Steps to lower your total body burden during detox: this is where most detox programs lack… they don’t explain what happens during a detox and how to handle it.  This free guide will set you up for success right from the start!


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A little note from Nicole (your personal coach who is driven and passionate in helping women live their best balanced lives full of joy & happiness)


I have been around the health, wellness and fitness industry for over 20 years  (more if you count all my years involved with sports!)


What a wild year it's been, 2020 has really challenged the way we look at our health.  I want you to know you are not alone.  I get you!  I live a pretty crazy and chaotic life most of the time.  I am a wife and mom of 3 super active and athletic kids. 

I am dedicated in putting all of my energy and expertise into helping other women, especially Moms so she can live her best balanced life full of joy and happiness! Who wouldn’t want that?  

 I truly believe that our body can heal itself if we give it the right tools, environment and guidance... If you agree - Sign up for this masterclass!

I can not wait to see you at the masterclass event, I am so incredibly excited.  We are so much stronger together!