Less is More.

We Believe That The Body Can Heal Itself…. If Given a Chance!


In a healthy, pain free body things work smoothly, effortlessly and usually without us even knowing what is going on. However, if we have cumulative trauma or we are built up with toxic overload our body starts to break down.

Our body can compensate amazingly however, it doesn’t go without a price. Your body becomes unbalanced, stuck and stagnant. This is when most people begin to notice pain and deficits.

At Elite Health and Wellness we guide your body back to a place where it can heal again.


Nicole has studied The Bowenwork Technique and has made it her main healing modality of choice. Along with strong posture and therapeutic exercises to bring the body back into balance and preventing it to go back to that place of breakdown.

Non-Traditional Approach


At Elite Health and Wellness we have a non-traditional approach to healing the body. We treat the whole body and not just it’s segments. We look at the person and try to get to the root of the problem instead of covering up the symptoms.

Our Holistic Physical Therapy Services:

We have created many programs and options for you to take advantage of this amazing holistic healing experience.

If you want to take advantage of seeing our holistic Physical Therapist, give us a call today!



Insurance Coverage:

Most major insurances are accepted for our Physical Therapy Services.  Call to inquire about your particular plan coverage.  Or call our lovely Jessica to have her help you learn what benefits your plan allows.

We will bill your insurance as a courtesy to you and will let you know your responsibilities and what to expect at your first visit.

Health History Form:

To save time and trees we are working towards paperless charts which starts right from the beginning with your health history.  Once you express interest in becoming a patient here we will set you up with an initial evaluation and we will send you a link to fill out your health history form along with all the consent forms!  It’s super easy and takes only 15-20 minutes to complete.


In the event that you absolutely can not fill out the forms electronically we will have you arrive 20 minutes early for your scheduled evaluation in order to fill out proper forms.  We are excited for this change thank you in your cooperation!


What To Bring or Wear:

Please bring or wear comfortable clothes to your sessions.  We encourage you to also bring a water bottle.  Please bring your insurance card and any paperwork that you have been asked to fill out with you.

When To Arrive:

We would appreciate it if you arrived 15 minutes prior to your first session to allow proper time to register your information and get you prepared to work with Nicole.

What Happens At My First Session:

You will start with an initial evaluation and will receive treatment your first visit as well.  For this reason we would like you to schedule out at least an hour and one half for your first session.

We look forward in seeing you and can’t wait to help you through your healing transformation!





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