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Not Sure What is Going On With Your Own Body?

Frustrated and even confused because you have been told to just live with it?  Night sweats, brain fog, low energy and vanishing sex drive getting in the way of living your life?


Download my Premenopause Awareness Checklist to increase your body awareness today.  (knowing your body is the first step to living your best balanced life)

Download the FREE Checklist

Download the checklist now & figure out if what you are experiencing is Premenopause (Yes, that is a thing!)

Use the simple checklist to find out where you are at in your life journey (Remember knowing is the first step)

Learn what Pre-menopause is and what it means for you and your unique situation

Start to gain confidence in your body again by utilizing my bonus expert guides to immediately begin balancing your body


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Sick & Tired of Feeling So Sick & Tired, Having No Energy, Dealing with Brain Fog & Night Sweats?

We help people struggling with Hormonal  Imbalances get ACTIVE, be more HEALTHY and find CONFIDENCE in their body again.

So they can live their best lives filled with JOY & SELF LOVE.


Take Control of Your Hormones, Own a Body You Love, and Feel AMAZING and BALANCED!

Get ready to say goodbye to hot flashes, inflammation, digestive issues, muffin top, extra inches and more!

Join the Naturally Balanced Mom Membership


It's a Whole Body Healing Experience

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Physical Therapy

Using manual therapy to help balance your body the right way.  Specializing in the Bowenwork Technique for a truly holistic whole body experience                 

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Health Coaching

Helping you feel better through nutrition & wellness using Groups, DIY programs and 1 on 1 programs to fit all of your needs. Creating a solid foundation of healthy habits

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Essential Oils

Having extra tools to help you will make your healing journey so much better without nasty chemicals or toxins that are sabotaging your efforts

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Eliminate Frustration. Create Healthy Habits.  Live Your Best Balanced Life.

Thank you for our session today! 
I have been seeing Nicole for about a year now and recently switched to Telehealth appointments with her due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I struggle with chronic pain as well as migraines, kidney issues, and adrenal issues. While at first I was worried that I would regress with the progress I had been making with Nicole in the clinic, I am happy to say that through Telehealth appointments, I have been able to continue to make progress. Nicole has been able to teach me exercises for both strengthening and myofascial release, and has even been able to teach me some Bowen moves I can do on myself. She has also advised me on nutrition and alternative medicine options to complement the traditional medicine care I also receive. Nicole encourages me to keep in touch with her throughout the week about my health and always makes herself available if I need her. I definitely recommend giving her Telehealth sessions a try!

-F.M., Essex Junction VT

If You Keep Going The Way You Are Now What Is It Going To Cost You?

If you are still here you must have something that is holding you back from living your best life...

Do you have pain? Do you feel like you just don't have any energy anymore?

Are you frustrated with not being able to bounce back like you used to? Are you tired?

Do you feel like you are burnt out? Have you lost confidence in your body? Do you avoid activities with loved ones?

Are you missing out on activities that you used to be able to do?  Are there activities you want to try but are afraid to?

Every moment that you continue on like this you are losing precious time that you could be spending ENJOYING your life!

What if I told you that it didn't have to be like this.  What if I told you that this is NOT normal like you have been told.   I agree it's common but it's not normal!

I really want you to think about this question...


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