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We Help Women OvercomeĀ Pelvic Pain & DysfunctionĀ Through Whole Body Natural Healing so She Can Live Her Best Life Full of Joy & Happiness


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Shift, Pivot & Refocus

Over the past 10+ years Elite Health & Wellness has evolved and changed in order to best serve it's patients and deal with the changing world around us. 

Empower without Overwhelm

It's our mission to reach thousands of women and help them navigate the dynamic journey to a healthy balanced life. We are stronger together!

Our Core Values


We care deeply about helping women find their joy & happiness again.


We walk the talk. We are real. We will be open and honest in all that we do for you.


We treat everyone the way we would want to be treated. We are all going through something and need to be treated with kindness & respect.


We are optimistic. We believe, we have hope. 

Meet Dr. Nicole

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Lifestyle Medicine, Holistic Nutrition & Wellness specialist, Wife, Mom, Foster Mom, Smoothie Lover and believer that your body can heal if you give it the right tools, time and guidance.Ā 

Nicole is an ex-corporate Physical Therapy manager turned entrepreneur and owner of Elite Health & Wellness. She knew her patients needed more. She wanted to help her patients the way she knew how on her terms not someone else's.Ā 

Ready to Start Your Unique & Dynamic Healing Journey?

We are ready to take you on that journey and help you live your best balanced life full of joy & happiness!

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