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Stop Hiding & Be YOU Mama!

Sep 23, 2020

Stop Hiding & Be YOU Mama!


Transcript of the show:

Hey there. Welcome back. Today I want to talk to you. Yes, you, the mama that's struggling. She's hiding. She's smiling on the outside, but she is struggling on the inside. I'm Nicole Tatro. And I'm your host of Health Talk with Nicole, where I teach you valuable tips and tricks and hopefully some life lessons and in some awareness on how you can live your best balanced life, full of joy and happiness. When you are quiet about how you're feeling, you think you are doing everyone else a favor. I know this because I've done it my entire life. I'm still trying to get out of that. But as times are a little bit crazy right now, the kids are going back to school and it's uneasy with the world right now.
We're not sure what it all looks like. It's scary. So we're kind of quiet about it. Maybe a little post here and there on social media that might kind of allude to the fact that we're struggling a little bit on the inside, but I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone a little bit. Stop trying to please everyone else.
I do the same thing. I'm the type of person that will say, sorry to someone that bumps me in a hallway. Of course, that was pre COVID. Right? But it's true. I always apologize for being me. And that's the only way I know how to describe it is that I'm trying to be a little bit quiet so that I don't make anyone else uncomfortable.
I'm sick of it. And I hope you are too. I want you to be you. I want you to live that joy and that life of joy and happiness. And the only way to do that is to truly love yourself and to truly feel like you are in alignment with where you're supposed to be right now in your life. So a couple of tips that I think would be helpful is to number one figure out a way to really, truly love yourself, to accept where you are right now know that you have places you want to be. There's things that you want to do, but understand that where you are right now is perfectly okay. And number two, I think one of the best things that has happened to me is to surround myself with other likeminded people,
other people that lift you up and likewise, to distance yourself from those that actually bring you down. Those that kind of have a negative energy around them. I don't know about you, but I am completely affected by energy. And I didn't realize this until later in my life as an adult, um, as an older adult now, that this really affects what like the projection of, or the trajectory I should say of my day or my month or my week, you know, whatever it might be. So I really encourage you to fall in love with yourself and that's gonna take some hard work. And I hope that I will continue to produce some shows for you too, and bring on guests that will help you do that.
And number two, surround yourself with people that light you up. People that bring you to that higher frequency. We want to vibrate at a, ridiculously high frequency. And it's amazing like things flow and things just kind of fall into our laps when we are in that high energy. So we need to figure out how to do that on a day in and day out basis.
And kind of a second part to number two was to kind of crowd out those people that are bringing you down. I know that's hard because that actually could be people that are in your life loved ones. And if that's the case, you know, figure out ways to put a barrier up to that energy or figure out ways to, if you need to,
, let's say you're in a rough situation, go into a quiet area away from that, and just kind of release all of that negative energy and make space, make room for all the good energy. So I want you to really, really be yourself. I know things are tough right now, but those are just a couple quick tips that I thought of that might be useful for you to really start living your best self,
because you, it's hard for you to make good, healthy lifestyle changes, diet changes, you know, bring in less toxins in your life too. If you're not really happy. And if you're kind of faking it till you make in it, I understand that that has gotten us. I say us because I do the same thing where we are now,
but it's time to really step up your game. It's time to level up. And I hope that you continue to watch Health Talk with Nicole, because I want to leave you with this one. Huge, huge thing. If you learn anything from this at all, realize that you deserve to live your best balanced life, full of joy and happiness. You truly do.
So stay tune, continue to watch health talk with Nicole, and I will continue to try to bring you amazing guests and topics to help you get through your daily life. All right, bye. For now.

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