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Healthy Groceries to Buy When you are Isolating at Home

Aug 02, 2020

In the middle of a quarantine, there are a lot of factors that can influence what is or isn’t available to you and other people who are trying to keep themselves free of infection. For a lot of people facing those sorts of changes for the first time, choices can be tough, and options will seem to be in short supply. In order to give you some help, this following article has been written to give you some solid advice on healthy groceries to buy while self- isolating.


Perishable Foods

 The first category of your foods are perishable foods. These are foods like dairy, eggs, meat, and produce that have a shorter shelf life. While you might not turn to them quite as much as you would without self-isolating, they are still important for a healthy diet at this time.


The good news here is that meat and fish freeze really well. Store all your chicken, meat, and seafood in the freezer, and write the date on the package. Cheese can also freeze really well, so that is another great option to help it last longer. Keep your bread and tortillas in the refrigerator as it will lengthen the shelf life.


Some vegetables will keep longer than others. Celery will last longer than lettuce in most cases, so it’s all about what you want to eat. Just be sure that you include as many healthy options as you can for this period. Some items can also be frozen like jalapeños, while others will be ruined like oranges. Turn to frozen produce whenever it is available.


Non-Perishable or Dry

Naturally, the majority of the foods you will buy during this time are going to be your non-perishable foods. Think about foods like pasta, rice, quinoa, canned beans, canned soups, and other canned goods. While these also have an expiration date, they can be left out in your pantry for a lot longer than what goes in your refrigerator.


The problem is that with food shortages, they are also the first foods to run out. You might need to get creative or buy non-perishables you aren’t super familiar with. For example, canned beans tend to go first, but you can get big bags of beans that you would soak and rinse before using. It is one extra step, but one that can save you some money and help you get the nutrients you need for your meals.


If you can get your hands on rice and pastas, definitely do. These last a long time, are very filling, and easy to turn into healthy meals for your family.


Toiletry, Hygiene Products and Miscellaneous

Be sure to pick up some versatile cleaning and hygiene products. If you let your space get dirty, it could become a health hazard. Make sure to get the largest, safest cleaning products available. If this presents an issue, then look up recipes for things that can be made simply online. Batteries, toilet paper, and every sort of feminine hygiene product should be picked up at this time as well. Being well prepared can reduce stress by massive amounts.


Remember not to buy more than your family needs! Everyone is in need of these items, so you want to be courteous to others in your community!


I hope this helps just a little while you continue to navigate these strange and different times we are experiencing in our grocery adventures!



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