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How To Have a Positive Morning

Mar 22, 2020

When things aren’t quite going the way that you’d hoped, it can be really difficult to meet the challenges of your day with a calm smile. For some this can be even more difficult if they were raised in a household where there was a lot of focus on negative talk, attitudes and ideas. If you’re looking to make a change to your mindset, then you’ll probably be excited to read the following article on how to have a positive morning.


Shift Your Mindset

 When you first open your eyes, it can be tough to get out of bed and face another day, but a lot of that can be changed by adjusting the things that you’re focusing on. By making a shift in your mindset you can take things that might seem negative or you feel are working against you and take them to a place that actually serves you, helps you! Take the time to look at what you’re creating in your mind, what shifts can you make??  By getting up happier and feeling more fulfilled you will start your day off more positively.  It will get easier with practice, I promise!

Be happy to be awake, happy to be alive. Shift your mindset to being positive about the morning and the day ahead.


Express Gratitude Whenever You Can

Another thing that can help push the shift in mindset further is the habit of expressing gratitude. Giving thanks, and really focusing on how grateful you are to be in a place where you are physically able to get up can help you to keep things in perspective. Even just the simple act of being thankful can give you a more positive feeling during the times you’re thinking about them.


Set Your Intentions

Have you noticed that when you don’t have a focused plan it can be really hard to get things organized? Taking the time to set your intentions helps you to give a priority and order to the things that you have to consider for the day. Instead of completely random selections, you can make an organized, cohesive plan that will put you on the right path and keep you there.


Nourish Your Body

 Without the proper nutrition, there can be no healthy mind. It’s very important that you always make sure that you have enough time to get some kind of nourishment before you begin your day. That will help you to keep your focus and stay at an efficient energy level. When people get tired, they often turn to artificially enhanced drinks that aren’t very good for your health and heart. At the very least, you can be sure to get up early enough to blend some frozen fruit so you can simply drink your breakfast and get the right nutrients and fuel your body needs.


Move Your Body

Healthy movement is truly one of the keys to remaining healthy and living your best balanced life.  Find something simple that you love doing. Otherwise you will dread it.  Make it fun, make it simple and be consistent.  Do you like yoga? Can you get up early and go for a walk?  Do you have any home exercise equipment?  I personally ride my spin bike almost every single morning.  I even get to choose the type of class that I want each morning. Find something that makes you excited to get up and MOVE!  Trust me, your body will thank you years later!

Ok, there you have it, some simple steps you can take, starting TODAY to make your mornings great and set you up for a wonderful and productive day!



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