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Why Be Healthy: 5 Tips to Make It Happen

Oct 21, 2020

Why Be Healthy: 5 Tips to Make It Happen


Transcript of the show:

Hi there. Welcome back. I figured today would be a great time to share a little bit about where I started on my health journey and the journey that I took my family on. When I was really pregnant with my first son, I was working for a hospital. And in order to get healthcare insurance, well, there were premiums. And in order to get savings on that, you could do these checkups. So just some, some routine checks, right? So I dragged my husband in to get these checkups, to get $5 each off of our premium or something like that. So this is a while ago and we found some disturbing news on his checkup. Again, it was just a checkup. It's just kind of like a pop-up testing site, you know, just some generic stuff. So she said, I don't want to alarm you, especially because I said, I am like super pregnant and she says, you should follow up. So we didn't go to the ER or anything like that last night, but we did follow up the next day. And we did find out some disturbing news for him as far as where we needed to go with our health.

So we were told, I'm leaving some details out for obvious reasons. Just I don't need to share everything, but basically, this is one of my deepest why's is that we were told that we should be healthier. Okay, mind you. I work in the healthcare fields and I had been for a while at that point, obviously not as long as now, but I still had a few years under my belt and I had several years of schooling.

And, you know, I'm considering myself highly educated, especially when it comes to the healthcare world. And we were told that we should probably be a little healthier. Now I'm thinking we're not all that unhealthy. We don't frequent fast food places. We don't, you know, eat a lot of junk. So it really made me wonder. So with all of the tests that you had to do, we actually were recommended and we had to go see some specialist and I'm talking like, you know, cardiologists. And I think we even went to a nutritionist and all of these specialists, right? We got hardly anything from them. You know what we got, I'll never forget this. The cardiologist told my husband that we should switch from regular pasta to wheat pasta. And that would make a difference. That was the one thing that we had to go on. Not much, right?

So being who I am, I took this on as a mission, I took this on as a passion we were made aware of. Okay. So that was great. We were made aware. We realized that we needed to take better care of ourselves. We needed to know a little bit more about our own bodies and the numbers and things like that. So, you know, the medical side, the more traditional medical testing side, and then I went nuts. I had to learn more. I decided that it wasn't acceptable to be told that we just needed to go and get wheat pasta. I learned so much in a short period of time, but there was, it was overwhelming. It was too much. We would go a couple of steps forward and then 10 steps back. It was a really kind of rough time. And again, I am very pregnant and I'm very worried about our future and you know, my husband's future and my child, and, you know, so it was very scary.

And I just wanted to share with you, if you guys that it's, you're not alone. And even with healthcare to healthcare degrees and healthcare background, I was working in a hospital. I still had no idea what it truly was like to be healthy. So that's why I've decided I've really refocused on how I want to serve you. And I really want to make sure that you understand that it is okay first of all, right where you are and that second, that it takes time and that it's not going to change overnight. Right. So I'm cool to be sharing with you in future episodes, little quick, you know, doable tips, things that I actually literally did, you know, some things worked and some things didn't, so I've done some of the legwork for you.

I've done some of the exhausting, endless searchings. I didn't stop there. Yeah, of course. I just don't have it in me to stop there. So I actually pursued an education in holistic nutrition. I actually got my certification as integrative nutrition, health coach. And then even that wasn't enough. So then I've actually had, I'm a level one and level two certification in with precision nutrition, sports, nutrition for nutrition coaching. So I really went above and beyond how some people probably will, but that's just me, but I want to bring that to you guys and realize that it is doable and that you can take small steps. And I also want you to know that it's okay if you don't know what certain things are. Like, I was kind of embarrassed after that.

And I mean, there's no reason to be. I wasn't taught this. I mean, I'm not putting down my childhood, but we didn't know this. No one taught my parents. This, we were kind of a meat and potatoes kind of family. We grew up on a farm, which I think still was very good at the time because there was less processed stuff going on.

But as I got older and there was more processed stuff, that's when I think some of the issues were starting to happen. So I want to leave you with a few tips. So I have five tips for you first. I need you to be aware of what's going on. Okay? You need to be aware of your body. You need to know your body.

If you have to get some preliminary numbers done, really start to kind of be a detective for yourself. And to know what you're feeling when you're feeling it and learn what some red flags are and seek a professional if you need to. But this is the first step is becoming aware of what's going on. Okay. I know that that's can be very deep, but it just on a general level, that's where we're going to start. And I'll go into this more in future episodes, but let's just get these basics done first.

Number two, I need you to have an open mind about it. You need to be able to adapt to change. And sometimes it has to be quick. Like we did as we went from knowing, thinking things were fine one day, and then knowing otherwise the next day you really have to adapt to change. There's really a lot of that going on in this world right now, adapting to change. So we need to be open and accepting of that too. Embrace it. And to kind of take it on as a passion.

Number three, stay positive about it. So it kind of mixes with number two, stay positive because if we have a negative outlook on this at all, then it will start to disappear the purpose and start to kind of deteriorate our efforts. So if you stay positive, when you're learning these new things, it will put you so much more in advance.

It'll put you farther than where you would. If you look at things so negatively, for example, this is an interesting story. When we decided to lay off dairy for a little bit, especially cows milk. And I'm not saying, you know, that that has to happen for you, but we decided to do that for a little bit, just to kind of try it out.

So yeah, we were going with almond milk and then I learned about a particular ingredient that was being put in the almond milk. It's kind of, it's put in a lot of dairy products to stick in the product. And my husband was so discouraged at that time because he's like, one day you say, we can have this. And the next day, it's not good for us. What's the deal. So that's, what's so difficult and it's so difficult with nutrition that way because there's not an, A plus B equals C because certain things well for others and not so good for other people if that makes any sense. So that's just a small example of just remaining positive and kind of going with the flow of things.

And I believe the ingredient is out of that brand that we were buying now too because the world I think is coming around and we're really paying attention to some of these things that aren't good for our body. Some of the chemicals that aren't necessarily needed in our products. Number four, don't give up, you have to be an advocate for yourself. You have to keep pushing forward and figuring out what your next steps are.

You have to take the slow and steady. This is more of a marathon than it is a quick sprint. And number five, I just want you to know you're not alone. I'm here for you. I'm going to be providing you some really great tips. And I hope that you'll be able to embrace that. It's really, I want you to take this and look at it like it can be simple.

You don't have to change everything overnight. So take simple, small baby steps. We're going to take step by step. You know, a little formula, really like every time I give you a little tip, I want you to go through these things, be aware of how you feel, be aware of your knowledge of this particular thing. Be open to it.

If you block yourself off, you might as well just stop. It's not going to work for you. Be open, stay positive about it. Don't give up, keep trying to be an advocate for yourself. And don't be afraid of taking those small baby steps. You really do deserve to live your best-balanced life. And it can be full of joy and happiness.

I promise you that, but it does take some work. So I'm here to help you. And I cannot wait to see you in the next episode. Bye for now.


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