Physical Therapy & Wellness... A powerful & effective combination

We help people with hormonal imbalances get ACTIVE, be more HEALTHY and find CONFIDENCE in their body again. So they can live their best lives full of joy & self love

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Holistic techniques utilizing the bodies innate healing abilities. 

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Corrective Exercises

Exercises specifically for your unique needs, one size does not fit all.

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Integrative Approach

Our body is complex so we need to open our eyes and ears to what is really going on 

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Here is What Her Patients Are Saying...


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Essex Junction VT

Thank you for our session today! I have been seeing Nicole for about a year now and recently switched to Telehealth appointments with her due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I struggle with chronic pain as well as migraines, kidney issues, and adrenal issues. While at first I was worried that I would regress with the progress I had been making with Nicole in the clinic, I am happy to say that through Telehealth appointments, I have been able to continue to make progress. Nicole has been able to teach me exercises for both strengthening and myofascial release, and has even been able to teach me some Bowen moves I can do on myself. She has also advised me on nutrition and alternative medicine options to complement the traditional medicine care I also receive. Nicole encourages me to keep in touch with her throughout the week about my health and always makes herself available if I need her. I definitely recommend giving her Telehealth sessions a try!


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