My Back to School Conversation with My Family & 5 Tips For A Better Year

Sep 30, 2020

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My Back to School Conversation with My Family & 5 Tips For A Better Year


Transcript of the show:

Well, hi there. I'm Nicole Tatro. And welcome to Health Talk with Nicole. In today's episode, I am going to talk to you about a conversation I just had with my family. We are just about, we just started school. School is different this year. So we sat down and we had a family conversation.

And I want to talk to you guys today about the five main things that we talked about on how we can be better and healthier and get through this strange time with a little bit more happiness in our lives. So let's get right to it. So the first thing I talked about was what we talked about, how things were going to look and feel different.

They're going to even sound different. And my kids are, they love, especially my daughter. She loves her teachers and she likes to hug. So I just try to set them up so that they weren't too shocked when they actually got to school. So our district is doing, um, what we call a hybrid. And so they started with in-person learning.

Um, and then they are going to school for two days in a row. So we just started the two days in a row, uh, today actually. So we just dropped them off there for their first in-person day. So this conversation is pretty fresh. And also my other son who goes to a prep school, we also had the same conversations with him.

And the first thing that we talked about, so my first tip for you guys is to figure out how to remain positive, to lean in, and to embrace the change that's happening all around us. I'm not sure where you are watching this or listening to this, but we are all going through tons and tons of change. Some of it forced to change.

Some of its change that we've brought on ourselves that we, um, like for instance, I'm changing a little bit of the way I run my business and how I have have my practice. So some change personally for me has always been really good, really motivating, makes me really excited. I'm the type of person that when I was younger, I was always changing my room around.

I always wanted something a little bit different. So that was good. However, right now I'm finding that all of this change happening all at once is a little overwhelming. So somehow in your life, you need to find out what your positivity triggers are. What can help you when you're feeling like you're going down and you feel like that negativity is coming,

What can bring you back into positivity? Because if we go through this negative, then it's going to be so much harder. It's going to affect our bodies. It's going to affect our minds. So we really have to remain positive, whether we totally agree with what's happening or the change that's happening or not, we need to still have a positive outlook.

I hope that makes sense. Like you can still disagree with something and you can still have a different opinion, but you can still remain positive around that. Hopefully, that makes sense. So that's what I told my kids is that we need to lean in and to embrace the change. So for example, my middle son, he does not like wearing his mask.

He's doing it. In fact, now he has to actually wear it while he's playing hockey. So he's not happy about it, but he is embracing it and he's leaning in and he's doing his part. And I told him that we need to remain positive so that we can, you know, our bodies don't have all that negative energy. And I told us like our family, like, we all need to be positive and lift each other up because we cannot have the negative energy and the negative vibes going through our household right now because there's way too much going on. So that's my number one tip. That was what I told my family and my kids that we need to remain positive. Now, I'm not saying that it's easy and it's sometimes easier said than done.

I totally get that. But I really think that if you have that in the back of your mind because I know for me, there's something every single day that causes me to kind of challenge that positivity. So I encourage you to figure out, you know, maybe this might sound really weird, but maybe it's, um, something that just really brings you joy.

Maybe it's something you just have to think about. Maybe it's your children. Maybe you just want to think about that. Or maybe it's just a happy memory, you know, just bring yourself back in. When you feel yourself slipping into that negativity, bring yourself back, try to get back to being positive. Somehow. Again, this is a work in progress.

You know, me, I hope if you haven't listened to me before, I'm all about the long game. We can have some quick wins here and there, but our health and our wellbeing isn't something that happens overnight. It's something that we have to put the effort in and it takes time. Okay. So let's move on. Number two, It kind of goes along with number one as well.

And I said to my family that it is okay, that we're grieving losses. Um, now we haven't lost a loved one. Um, so I understand this could be a very sensitive topic, but what I mean by losses is the loss of their sports games or the loss of being able to just freely go out and do whatever. Maybe it's going to a big event.

Um, you know, maybe someone lost, um, a huge like event, like a wedding or something like that. It's okay to take the time to grieve these, however, big or small in your world. It's big in our kids' worlds, them losing the opportunity for their sports programs for my family. You may disagree, but it's huge. This is huge.

So we need to give them space and we need to give ourselves space to grieve that. However, we need to grieve with a sense of maturity and positivity. Like we talked about, that's why I said my tip two goes with number one. We have to allow the time to let that grieving process happen, to be able to really truly accept the change that has to happen after that.

Um, and again, this is all going to be a work in progress, but it's just, Um, I, it's just Something that I thought that we needed to have a little family discussion about it's that? Okay. You know, if you want to stomp and scream for a moment, that's fine. We got to get back to that positive outlook,

Um, and kind of redirect all of what we've lost and turn that into an opportunity. What opportunity now do we have for this? So those are just some things that, um, our family is thinking about. So number three was really big, um, for all of us and each of my children has a different part in this, but we talked about being a leader, asking adults or authorities or whoever we're around, how can we help? How can we part be part of the solution rather than continue to be part of the problem? I think this is really big for my boys right now. So my son, my oldest son is in prep school and he is the oldest in the school now. And he has a couple of leadership positions, which we're super proud of. And I said that you know, he has been given a leadership position, but we talked about what it was like to be a leader and to also be vulnerable at the same time and to, um, really take in what other people are thinking and feeling so that she could really step up and be their leader. And then for my younger two, they're still at home. And, um, I said, it's a perfect opportunity for them to also be leaders. You know, don't because you have friends that might be disagreeing with wearing the masks or, you know, I don't know, whatever rule they have to have, you know, be a leader and do the right thing. Um, lead them with the positivity you're going through your day with,.

So I know that some people don't think that they were born leaders, but I really do feel that you have it in you. And that's what we talked about with the kids. And, you know, they might've laughed at me here and there, but they get it because they want more as well. So I just said, this is a perfect opportunity in a potentially negative situation.

If you want to look at it that way to actually step up and be a leader. And I encourage you to like moms like we are really stressed right now, but we are, we can be leaders for our family. Okay. They can see us be vulnerable. They can see us grieve, but I want them to see us being positive and being able to turn something around and really make some good.

So think about that one. So we talked about being positive. We talked about grieving our losses and being a leader. Next is a big one for me and my family is to really own your health. Now we talked about how excited my kids are for going back to being with their friends at school. Although it's going to look and feel and sound differently.

They're going back to school and I don't know about yours, but mine, we're very excited. We're very excited. My kids need that socialization. They need that stimulation. I was just telling my sister in law. I'm really not sure how many like this is going to sound terrible, but my daughter is just really high energy. I am, you know,

I only have so much energy in a day as well to be able to entertain that. So it's really going to be nice for her to be able to be entertaining and entertain and be entertained by other kids, her age, hopefully in this crazy school year. But yeah, I said to them that in order to continue to have that happen, we all, as a community, as a school district, as a state need to do well. Um, because if this virus continues to, you know, spread, then all of these things are going to be shut down and taken away again. So I said that each and every one of us, if we can work on our own health and our immunity, then we are going to be in so much of a better position to be able to handle things.

Especially as we get into the regular cold and flu season. I told my kids that even if you just get a regular cold, you might not be able to go to school because it looks too much like, um, a much more serious situation. So in our household, we talked about how we can really, even up our game a little bit more with our clean eating and our healthy eating and trying to get rid of toxins.

Think that the summer brought on a little bit more of us having a little bit more of a some, some not so great things, maybe a little bit more junk food than I would like to have in my household. So we discussed as a family, and I'm not going to tell you that it went over a hundred percent because my youngest two are not big fans of, um, they, they would, they would eat differently if I wasn't having an influence right now. I'm hoping that over time that I would teach them and that they will start to make their own choices, but I'm going to be totally transparent with you. Um, if my daughter had a sugary option, she would most likely go for that. I am continually, continuously encouraging and encouraging them and explaining to them what it means. Um, and why I'm saying that this, you know, might not be the greatest choice. So I really encourage you guys to look at what you're eating. What are you surrounding yourself with? What are you drinking? Um, sugar is a big thing. Huge, huge, huge, um, in my membership group this month, we talked about, um, actually, I'm sorry, last month we talked about sugar and hormone health, and this month we did gut and hormone health. So, um, those two kinds of co hand in hand sometimes too, of really just being mindful of where we're eating and sugar is a big culprit of causing a lot of problems.

Um, our gut is really tied in a lot with our immunity. I'm not going to get into that right now, cause I just want to talk about the discussion I had with my family. Um, but it might be something that I'll do in the future is talk a little bit more sciency and a little bit more health about how, when our gut is off balance.

And I have to tell you a lot of the antibacterial stuff we're doing right now could be causing our gut to be off-balance. So there's a lot of room for some issues to happen. So we really need to be mindful. And I really encourage you to, if health has been something that you've been struggling, struggling with and being more healthy, whatever that definition is for you.

Cause I know that can be a wide range. Um, and I'm learning that as I try to teach people as well, is that, um, you know, it might need the time to put that up a few notches on your priority list of what you want to get done, what you want to learn, what you want to implement in your life.

Um, that's why I'm so passionate about helping others try to, you know, get more balanced because it's all about trying to balance out the body so that everything's working efficiently. And if it's working efficiently, then your body will be able to fight off, you know, bacteria and viruses and things that enter it a little bit better than it would if you were.

You know if it's trying to handle a gut problem and all the sugar that comes in and your body recognizes that as kind of like foreign objects. So I hope that makes some sense. Um, you know, you just need to be a little bit wiser with your choices and hopefully, you'll be able to search some of my other episodes to get some ideas on where to start.

Um, I am about to announce that I am going to start, uh, I really feel that there's a super big need for this, uh, seasonal detox program. And you don't have to be scared with the word detox because detox just means that we're getting rid of what doesn't serve us. Our body naturally does that. And we can aid that with clean eating tips and just, just some tips and um, just little things that you can learn to be able to handle, um, your daily life a little bit better. So I'm going to be doing that four times a year. And pretty soon I will announce our very first, well, I've done this in the past, but our, um, I'm kind of resurrecting this,

Um, our first new episode of this fall detox, um, it's called the, um, balanced a mamma detox and we'll do a fall 2020 version very soon. So stay tuned for that. But anyway, my point is being healthy is huge right now. So if you need the guidance, reach out, get the support, move it up to your priority list.

It is so important. You guys, and number five. So simple. I talked to the kids about being kind to one another, maybe even more than they were before because everybody is going through something right now. I don't care where you are in the country. You're going through something. So when you encounter somebody and maybe they're off that day, maybe give them a little extra love. Maybe give them a little extra space, whatever they might need because you have no idea what somebody else's going through at this very moment. You only know what you're going through. You vaguely know what your family's going through. You have no idea what everyone else is going through. Even if you're close with somebody and they're telling you certain things, you really don't always know everything that they're going through. I swear I learned something new about someone being affected by this pandemic every single day. And I look and I'm like, Oh, I never thought of that. You know, on top of all the other things that are happening, like wildfires and hurricanes and flooding and you know, there's so much going on. Just be kind, it will go. So, so, so far I promise you, you know, you just really have no idea. And I think that you would want someone to treat you with extra kindness right now. So I encouraged my kids to do the same, especially as they enter this new school year, be kind, you have no idea what your friends have been going through since March when you saw them last.

So those are my five tips, um, that I had a conversation with my family just recently. So this exactly what we went through, um, obviously in our living room and not in front of the camera, but I thought that it was something really useful to bring to you all. So I want you to remember something you can, can live your best-balanced life, full of joy and happiness, and you deserve it too. So I want to personally thank you for listening and I cannot wait to see you in the next episode. Bye for now.

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